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Like it or not, we all get older, and unfortunately, aging can take a toll on our skin. Once youthful appearances can be affected by a number of factors including genetics, stress, and a change in weight. Sun exposure over the years is also damaging, resulting in wrinkles and sometimes cancer. However, you can combat Mother Nature’s effects with the help of facial surgeon Dr. Lisa J. Learn. She offers a variety of facial surgery procedures and treatments to counteract the effects of aging.Whether it’s correcting unwanted lines and wrinkles, thin lips, drooping jaws, sunken cheeks, or anything else that is bothering you, we can help you to feel confident and happy with your appearance once again.

Many areas of facial cosmetic surgery are available, from eyelid surgery to lip augmentation and everything in between. Whether you choose a non-invasive procedure, one that’s temporary, or one that is long-lasting, we are happy to help you make changes that allow your inner beauty and wellness to shine through.

The Eyes Have It

Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) is a procedure that improves loose skin and fatty deposits that cause droopy lids and bags under your eyes. This can be performed on upper and/or lower eyelids as well as the surrounding areas. A blepharoplasty will help rejuvenate your eyes, making you appear more rested and youthful.

Keep your Chin Up

For those who would like a stronger profile, chin augmentation can help enhance your chin and give it a more balanced appearance. This is done by inserting an implant or reshaping bones.

Chin liposuction is offered for those who have the opposite problem and would like to reduce the size or shape of their chin.

Put on a Happy Face

If you feel like your youthful appearance is fading, a facelift can help improve sagging, creasing, puffiness, and other age-related conditions. There’s a plethora of different options and Dr. Lisa J. Learn provides plenty of services. Superficial Musculo-Aponeurotic System, or SMAS, is a type of face lift that repositions excess skin and muscles to improve your overall appearance.

A lower facelift addresses deep creases between your mouth and nose, saggy jowls, double chins, and other loose skin and fat in the chin and jaw area.

Cheek lifts are also available to tighten loose skin and give you a fresher, younger look.

Stick your Neck Out

Neck lifts and neck liposuction are two techniques that help you regain the slender and youthful neck you once had. Lifts tighten and tone loose skin and the underlying tissue that sags. Liposuction removes excess fat, improving the contours of your neck and face.

Pucker Up!

Lip augmentation can be performed on the upper and/or lower lip and is used to increase fullness and give you a more sensuous smile.

Look and Listen

Otoplasty, or ear pinning, is mainly performed on children who have ears that stick out excessively far. It’s also beneficial for reshaping disfigured or disproportionate ears in both adults and children

Whether you wish to turn back the clock, correct a problem, or just plain make a change, Dr. Lisa J. Learn can help. Call (954) 380-8411 for an appointment at our Fort Lauderdale, FL office to make a more confident and happier you tomorrow.

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