Breast Implant Removal

Breast implants are not made to last forever. The longer you have them, the more likely you are to encounter some complications. Sometimes, because of an injury or the natural aging of implants, they can spring a leak or rupture and become deflated. Other times scar tissue can build and cause pain and discomfort.  When your breasts start making you look and feel uncomfortable, it’s time to consider breast implant removal.

Knowing When It’s Time for a Change

There are a number of reasons to remove breast implants. At the top of the list is if you are experiencing pain. Capsular Contracture is a condition in which the surrounding tissues become hardened, squeezing the implant and sometimes causing distortion and extreme discomfort. Another culprit can be the formation of a seroma—a collection of blood that builds resulting in swelling and bruising. Calcium deposits can also form over time leading to the development of painful lumps. Still other times it’s a medical condition or your body’s reaction that can cause implant issues. Regardless of what’s behind the problem, any pain, discomfort, or abnormality needs to be addressed. As a female plastic surgeon, Dr. Lisa J. Learn understands your feelings. You can rest assured that you will be treated with care and understanding with an approach customized to your individual needs.

You Don’t Have to Say a Long Good Bye

Just because you are having breast implants removed doesn’t mean you have to feel unattractive or have a lower self-esteem. When implants are surgically removed, they can be replaced with new implants at the same time. In addition, procedures can be combined to correct problems as well, such as removing scar tissue or calcium deposits that are causing pressure and pain, repositioning an implant that has moved out of place, adjusting tightness of the skin to improve puckering or dimpling, and draining a seroma that may have developed over time. With the right combination of procedures, your breasts can be beautiful again!

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Back to Feeling & Looking Great

Recovering from breast implant removal is typically a fairly quick process. In most cases, you can return to your normal, everyday activities within just a few days, and full activity within two to three weeks. In just a few short months, you can expect to be fully recovered and good as new! No need to worry, either—Dr. Lisa J. Learn will be with you every step of the way, not only providing you with professional, high-quality care, but any emotional support you may need as well. We believe you should feel as good as you look, and are dedicated to providing you with the kind of care that is calming, comforting, and empowering. To learn more about breast implant removal including when you should consider having it done, contact Dr. Lisa J. Learn at our Fort Lauderdale, FL, office by calling (954) 380-8411. You can also visit us online and on Facebook for additional valuable information. Don’t wait until you are experiencing pain. Make regular appointments to maintain the health and beauty of you and your breasts.

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