Breast Lift

Gravity is definitely NOT a girl’s best friend, yet we can’t escape its nagging pull as we age. The result of this unwanted companionship is often droopy, saggy breasts.  Genetics can play a role in this as well, and while motherhood may be beautiful, your resulting breasts? Not so much. Yes, when you go from pregnancy to breastfeeding to weight loss, your perkiness can begin to plunge, but don’t let droopiness bring you down! A breast lift can help you regain your pre-baby, youthful position once again.

Raise Your Breasts and Your Self-confidence

If your breasts have lost their shape or volume, it can make you feel unattractive as well as hinder the way you look and feel in (and out of) your clothes.  On top of it, over time, areolas can become stretched and point downward, leading to an even greater appearance of elongated, hanging breasts. Your skin’s natural loss of elasticity as you age certainly doesn’t help matters either. A breast lift, or mastoplexy, can improve the contours and placement of your breasts and areolas, restoring not only their perky position, but your self-confidence and youthful appearance, too.

Giving Your Breasts a Pick-Me-Up

This type of breast surgery can typically be done under general anesthesia in just a couple of hours. Inconspicuous incisions are made to remove excess skin and tighten the surrounding tissues, lifting your breasts to a more desirable position. The tissues may also be reshaped to improve contour and firmness. If necessary, the areola will be repositioned and reduced by removing skin along the perimeter. The procedure will result in overall firmer breasts that sit higher. For more fullness, this is often combined with a breast augmentation.

You can expect to feel a bit tired and sore for at least a few days following a breast lift, possibly a week. Pain medication can help with this and the discomfort, swelling, and sensitivity will gradually diminish. You may need to have special dressings for protection, or wear a supportive bra during recovery. Avoid heavy lifting (that includes kids!) for at least 4-6 weeks, and you should limit your activities, too. It is important to follow instructions carefully, and maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. Scars will fade and final shape and position of breasts will settle slowly, resulting in a more attractive bustline over the course of a few months.

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Uplifting Results

Whether you’re feeling the effects of age and gravity, or you are missing your young, pre-baby profile, a breast lift can return your breasts to their rightful position and leave you feeling and looking young once more. It’s uplifting in every sense of the word! Dr. Lisa J. Learn is happy to help you decide if this or any other breast surgery is right for you. Just call (954) 380-8411 to make an appointment for a consultation today, or stop by our Fort Lauderdale FL location. You can also find us on Facebook. With our help, you can rejuvenate your youthful figure and make friends with your body once again.