It’s finally here! An injectable Treatment for cellulite

Cellulite has always been a struggle to manage, especially over the long term. That is why we are thrilled to introduce a new form of cellulite treatment that provides a permanent impact. 

QWO is the first FDA-approved injectable treatment for moderate-to-severe cases of cellulite in the buttocks. It provides real results without surgery – only a series of fast and simple injections. We’re among the first of few specialists in South Florida granted access to this method, and we’re thrilled to use it!

How Does QWO Work?

QWO is a prescription medication containing special, naturally occurring enzymes known as collagenases. 

Beneath the surface of the skin, we have bands of fibrous tissue that connect the skin to muscle. Occasionally, these bands can thicken and exert tension against nearby fat, pushing it upward and creating the dimples we associate with cellulite.

The collagenases are believed to target old collagen found in fibrous bands of tissue beneath the skin. In turn, the fibrous bands are broken, helping to release their tension and smooth out those unsightly dimples.

Further, QWO can also help create new collagen in the areas that were previously dimpled by cellulite, helping to create an even smoother surface to the skin.

In many cases, excellent results can be achieved within 10 weeks.

What Is QWO Treatment Like?

QWO treatment is scheduled out over several sessions, depending on the degree and severity of the cellulite being treated. A common treatment plan has involved three sessions, each about 3 weeks apart.

During each session, you will be asked to lie down as the injections are administered into specifically marked areas with a small needle. 

The injections themselves will typically take less than 10 minutes, and you will be asked to remain laying down for an extra 5-10 minutes afterward. This is just to ensure there are no problems or negative reactions.

Some bruising may be present after a treatment session, but this effect tends to lessen with each successive treatment. Temporary pain or itching have also been reported as potential side effects.

Am I Eligible for QWO Treatment?

Not all forms and cases of cellulite are recommended for treatment with QWO – but many are. Other cases may be treatable but might require additional attention for best results. 

For example, if there is laxity in the skin, there may still be sagging even after QWO treatment has provided full results. Further tightening of the skin may be necessary. It is also possible, as with many forms of treatment, that allergies or other elements of your medical history may preclude you from being eligible for anti-cellulite injections.

Dr. Learn will always have a full consultation with you to discuss the pros and cons of all potential treatments with you, as well as to determine which paths to a smoother, improved appearance would be most recommendable. Even on the chance that QWO can’t be part of the picture, there are other options we can consider!

Woman with cellulite problem on dark background

It’s Time to Win Over Cellulite

If you’re tired of the way cellulite has affected the surface of your buttocks, there has never been a better time for action. Schedule an appointment with us and see whether QWO can provide all you’ve been looking for.

Call our Fort Lauderdale office or fill out our online contact form today to request a consultation.