Skin Surgery

Let’s face it, it’s not easy getting older! Age can have a damaging effect on our skin. The sun’s rays only add to the problem. Wrinkles, saggy spots, stretch marks, and an overall loss of tone are all staring back at you in the mirror. Not to worry, though. Dr. Lisa J. Learn can use skin surgery to revitalize your birthday suit and get your skin looking, soft, smooth, and supple again.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy with Botox®

If you’re worried about how your skin looks, you’re probably getting worried lines on your forehead! Stop making it worse and start erasing years from your face. Botox® treatments involve injections of medication that block nerve impulses to the muscles, thus reducing the muscle activity that causes lines and deep wrinkles.

Get Your Smooth on with Skin Lifts

If you’re feeling like your skin resembles that of shar pei, you’re not alone. We all battle Mother Nature to stave off wrinkles and flab, and now you have an ally. Dr. Lisa J. Learn offers a host of procedures to help your skin appear tight, toned, and smooth again. From arm lifts to thigh lifts to total body lifts, you can say goodbye to those bat wings, so long to that spare tire, and hello to smooth, healthy skin.

Rejuvenate with Juvéderm®

Reverse signs of aging with this prescription gel that can be injected into problem areas. Made with hyaluronic acid which is naturally found in our bodies, it works with collagen to give support and volume to your skin. No more crow’s feet, loose skin, or facial fine lines and wrinkles. It can even be used to make thin lips fuller, and to sculpt the cheeks for a more youthful shape to your face.

Feel Renewed with Reconstruction

If you or a loved one is facing breast surgery to remove cancer, we are here for you. Dr. Lisa J. Learn can perform reconstructive plastic surgery, making sure to give you a natural appearance for renewed confidence and self-esteem.

Greet the World with a Fresh Face

Our faces are the first thing people see when we meet. It’s also the part of us that gets the most exposure to sun, wind, and rain. That, in addition to the aging process, genetics, weight fluctuations, and stress in our everyday lives, can make us look older than we feel. Luckily Dr. Lisa J. Learn offers an array of facial treatments to combat such undesirable problems as baggy skin under the eyes, lines and wrinkles, undefined facial contours, thin lips and cheeks, and fatty deposits. Reverse the wear and tear with procedures that range from chemical peels to laser skin resurfacing to facelifts to Latisse®, Restylane®, and Radiesse®, and a whole lot more.

If your birthday suit has seen better days, give it the gift of skin surgery. Contact Dr. Lisa J. Learn for an appointment today. Dial (954) 380-8411 or stop by our Fort Lauderdale, FL location. We are here to help you look and feel happy, healthy, and renewed.

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