Skin Cancer Removal and Restoration

by | Jul 21, 2017

Skin cancer can be a devastating diagnosis. Even with the support of family and friends, and a good prognosis from your medical team, feelings of fear, anger, and sadness are common and understandable. Even when the cancer itself is treatable or removable, it may leave lasting physical and emotional scars.

The most common of all cancer types, skin cancer can appear in almost any area of the body. This includes highly visible areas that can be somewhat difficult to access, including the head, neck, nose, lips, and ears. Treatment of cancer in these spots can be a delicate process, and may require some reconstruction work in order to restore a natural, healthy appearance.

Dr. Lisa Learn understands how you feel. Our team understands the significant physical, mental, and emotional benefits of not only fully removing the cancerous tissue, but helping you to look and feel confident, healthy, and beautiful afterward.

That is why we specialize in plastic surgery procedures to restore and reconstruct your natural appearance after the cancer is removed by a physician or dermatologist. The specific procedures used will of course vary depending on whether the cancer was located on the face, lips, ears, neck, or other location.

If you are facing a skin cancer diagnosis or just taking your first steps post-recovery, know that Dr. Lisa Learn and her team are here for you. We always take time to talk with you about your feelings and concerns, and want you to feel as knowledgeable, comfortable, supported, and cared for as possible throughout the entire process. We provide you with a range of effective surgical options so that you can come out of your experience healthy, strong, and in control. To arrange a consultation, please give our office in Ft. Lauderdale a call at (945) 380-8411.

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