If you’re heading to the ocean for a day at the beach, you’ve got to do some preparing right? Make sure you’ve got your sunscreen, grab a couple towels, maybe a change of clothes and a hat, bring some snacks, pack a cooler, don’t forget your cover-up—of course after your liposuction surgery, you’ll probably want to leave that at home! The thing is, just like going to the beach needs preparation, so does getting ready for your liposuction procedure. Prepare for a new and slimmer you with this surgery preparation check list:

  • Arrange for transportation home. Call a friend or loved one to drive you home for the procedure. If they can stay with you for the night, even better!
  • Quit smoking! This will reduce risks and help you heal.
  • Get the “go ahead” or the “no go” for medications.  Some medications need to be avoided, so be sure to bring a list to your consultation, and follow provided instructions carefully.
  • Prepare your home. Make yourself a comfy place to rest and recover with pillows and blankets. Prepare some meals ahead of time and freeze. Clean and do other chores so you won’t have to later. Gather supplies like medications and books and put them close at hand, along with the remote, phone, slippers, and other items you’ll want or need.
  • Ask questions. Prior to any surgical procedure, it’s important to voice any concerns or questions so that you feel confident and comfortable. Schedule a pre-liposuction consultation with Dr. Lisa J. Learn by calling (954) 380-8411.

There you have it. Follow this checklist and you’ll be good to go, not only to your surgery, but to the beach (without your cover up!) before you know it.

For more information, contact our Lauderdale Lakes office, serving the areas of Coral Springs, Sunrise, Pompano Beach, and beyond.

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