Post-Surgery Tips for a Speedy Recovery

by | Mar 3, 2016

Micro-surfacing of our city streets is underway in an effort to keep our roads smooth and in great condition (kind of like our skin resurfacing procedure!). If you want your post-surgery recovery to be smooth too, check out these tips from Dr. Lisa J. Learn to avoid bumps in the road and speed your recovery along.

Get ready for the ride. A little pre-surgery planning goes a long way toward helping recovery go smoothly. Make and freeze meals, line up some loved ones willing to help, adjust your work schedule, prepare a comfy area with necessities at-hand, even get healthy—the healthier you are, typically the faster you’ll recover.

Follow the rules of the road.  It is incredibly important to follow post-care instructions closely. What may seem like a small detail can have huge repercussions if skipped. Also, be sure to eat properly and drink plenty water.

Brake for follow up appointments. You may be feeling and healing well—and that’s great—but a doctor is trained to notice symptoms of which you may not be aware. Always keep follow up appointments to ensure the healing process is indeed on track.

Take Care with Icy Conditions. If you are experiencing pain, take your prescribed medications and ease discomfort by icing the affected area. Be sure not to apply ice directly to your skin, and not more than 20 minutes at a time.

Be on the Lookout for Signs. Good hygiene is important to prevent infection, as is inspecting your incisions for signs of trouble. If you notice any redness, swelling, discharge, warmth, fever, or increased pain, schedule an appointment right away.

Wait for the Green Light. Once your doctor gives you the go ahead, get moving. Walking helps accelerate recovery, but take care to not do too much too soon.

Caution: Slow down before you proceed. If you feel a cough or sneeze coming on, brace your incision area with slight pressure. Also, be sure to protect yourself from the sun before heading outside.

Honk if you have realistic expectations. Know that results take time. You can’t just jump in the fast lane to a speedy recovery—this is not rush hour! Be patient and give your body the time it needs to heal. Follow these tips so things go smoothly, and if you have any questions, call Dr. Lisa J. Learn at (954) 380-8411.

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