While a day of shopping at the Galleria Mall sounds like fun, not many people would rank standing in front of a dressing room’s 3-way mirror at the top of their list of things they enjoy. The lights in there are not exactly flattering, and neither is having to ask the store clerk if they have a bigger size!  So if you want to give yourself a melanoma check, Dr. Lisa J. Learn recommends you do so in the privacy of your own home, in a well-lit room, in front of a full-length mirror that doesn’t judge.

Don’t worry, you can perform a head-to-toe body check in around 10 minutes. That’s not much time when you consider the benefit of this skin care routine— the earlier you spot skin cancer, the better odds you have of stopping it.

So go ahead and strip down to your birthday suit. Start at the top by using a comb or blow dryer to separate your hair into sections and inspect your scalp. Now look closely at your face and neck, and don’t forget your lips, eyelids, nostrils, and ears. Check the tops of your arms and underneath, tops and palms of your hands, and even your fingernails. Work your way down your body, making sure to look in places where the sun doesn’t shine too! Despite common belief, your skin doesn’t have to be exposed to the sun for cancer to occur. You can use another mirror for hard to see places, and when you get down to your feet, don’t forget to check between your toes!

Of course it helps if you know what you’re looking for. If a mole or freckle has an irregular border, varies in color, is bigger on one side than the other, bigger than a pencil eraser, or bigger than the last time you looked, these are all warnings signs that should be addressed right away.

Dr. Lisa J. Learn would be happy to schedule a consultation with you. Just call (954) 380-8411 to reach our office near Pompano Beach, FL today. Remember, it takes just 10 minutes once a month for a head-to-toe self-exam that could save your life. Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the smartest of them all? The person who performs melanoma checks, that’s who!

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