The International Film Festival is in town through November—a perfect time to take in some shows and discuss the costumes, cinematography, and of course what all the celebrities look like! We all know that in the movie world, there are tricks in lighting, make up, and apparel that help flatter the actors and hide their flaws. Well, the same thing goes with real life, baby! All of us have something that bugs us every time we look in the mirror, but take heart— here are some expert beauty and makeup tips for hiding flaws:

Fixing blemishes and dark spots

Always opt for a cover up in your same skin tone rather than a concealer which tends to lighten the blemish and draw more attention to it.

Disguising scars

Now this is a job for a concealer! If your scar has a red tone, choose a concealer with a green or yellow hue. For bluish scars, opt for mauve. Follow up with foundation and powder to set the look.

Dealing with dark circles and puffy eyes

Chilled tea bags and cucumber slices will help reduce puffiness and lighten skin.

Making small eyes look bigger

Use bright colors and stay away from dark liner on the lower lids. Extend liner on the upper lids a little beyond the corners of the eyes. For close-set eyes, always apply lighter shades to the inner portion of the lid, concentrating color on the outer corner.

Slimming your nose

Apply a darker shade of foundation on the sides of your nose to create shading and contour. Want your nose to look shorter? Apply the darker makeup underneath and on the tip. This technique can be used to define cheekbones as well.

Plumping up thin lips

Use a lip liner the same color as your lips, smudge, then slather on lipstick in your favorite shade.

Filling in eyebrows

Grab a brow pencil, but remember to always follow the natural shape of your brow.

Not into primping? Not to worry! Dr. Lisa J. Learn of Coral Springs, FL offers many procedures that can help hide flaws for good. Call (954) 380-8411 for an appointment so you can hit the town looking movie-star marvelous!

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