How to Make Your Bust Look Bigger or Smaller

by | Aug 11, 2017

Many women are uncomfortable or unhappy with the size or shape of their breasts. It’s important to feel natural, comfortable, confident, even sexy in your own skin. It allows the “real” you to shine through! And while breasts of all sizes and shapes can be beautiful, the look you currently have may not be the one that allows you to feel your best.

Of course, if you want to make your bust look bigger or smaller in a given circumstance, there are plenty of simple strategies or “hacks” you can employ to alter the presentation the way you wish. For example, the type of bra you wear (or wearing more than one), the neckline of your shirt or dress, the cut and color of your clothing, the way you accessorize or use makeup, and even your posture can make a bigger difference in the moment than you might realize. In addition, sculpting your body through exercise and training will change the proportions of your figure, and provide a better match for the bust you already have.

That said, these techniques are more temporary and situational. You may instead opt for a surgical solution.

Women choose surgery for a variety of reasons. For some, it’s about restoring a natural appearance after a surgery or medical issue. For others, it might be what you need to regain confidence or feel properly proportioned. It may be about reducing back pain or posture, or even improving athletic performance—in fact, professional tennis player Simona Halep had breast reduction to improve her game, and is now ranked No. 2 in the world!

Whatever your reasons, we want to help you feel happy, comfortable, and confident in your decision, and ultimately with the size and shape of your breasts after the procedure. Dr. Lisa Learn has extensive experience with cosmetic breast surgeries of all types, from augmentation and lifts to reconstruction, reduction, revision, implant removal, and more. She understands where you’re coming from, and will take as much time as necessary to go over your options and make sure you’re ready.

To schedule your initial consultation, please call (954) 380-8411 today. For those who aren’t able to make it to our office in Fort Lauderdale, we also offer the option of a video consultation.

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