Learn About the Skin You’re In With a Skin Analysis

by | Mar 25, 2016

A sensitivity toward community health and quality of life is the driving force behind the Resident Tree Giveaway, March 26 from 10 – 2 at Riverland Park. Studies show trees contribute to cleaner air and reduced storm runoff, among numerous other benefits.

We’re sure you’ll agree that sensitivity can be a great thing—unless of course we’re talking about your skin! In that case, simply applying the wrong moisturizer can turn you into a red-faced, peeling, itchy mess! Just as smearing on a mask not suitable for oily skin could result in looking like you just went for a mid-day swim.

Knowing what kind of skin you’re in is essential to determining the appropriate treatments and products for your specific, individual needs. We’re not just talking about those fun magazine quizzes that barely scratch the surface—we’re talking about a thorough skin analysis that not only reveals your skin type (normal, dry, oily, or combination), but its condition as well (Is it sun-damaged, prone to acne, or extra sensitive?).

It’s easy to misdiagnose yourself, use the wrong products, and end up with aggravated skin that looks worse than when you started!

The good news is, before any beauty service is performed, Dr. Lisa J. Learn takes the time to closely analyze your skin, pinpointing problem areas and identifying what may need special attention. That way we can customize your treatment to address your personal needs—after all, everyone’s are different! We can also recommend products and care regimens that will be best for you.

Whether you’re thinking about a chemical peel or facial, or you just want to know what moisturizer to choose, call Dr. Lisa J. Learn at (954) 380-841 to set up an appointment for a skin analysis today, or you can stop by after you get your tree— Our office is located in Lauderdale Lakes, FL, not far from Riverland Park!

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