Is Laser Treatment Right for Your Skin?

by | Jul 14, 2017

Laser therapy may be a valuable tool for addressing skin problems, but it’s important to know if laser treatment is right for your skin. Whether you will want this particular kind of treatment will depend on an array of factors to consider.

If you aren’t sure if age plays a role in whether laser treatment is right for your skin, you should keep in mind that it’s really a matter of the problem you want to fix, not your age. There are lots of young people who have issues. Rosacea, acne, sun spots, and sun damage are all conditions that can be treatable with laser therapy.

Another factor to consider is certainly the other available options for the problem you want addressed. Whereas we are proud to offer our laser services, we also offer chemical peel treatments. Perhaps the best way to know what is right for your skin is to come in for a consultation. Together, we can discuss the issue and treatment objectives to determine what makes the most sense for you.

When determining if you want to undergo laser therapy for your skin, you may also want to consider time. It’s important to know that laser treatments for certain issues are fine to tackle in one appointment, but there are also treatment plans that will require a return visit. Of course, this is something we can discuss before beginning any procedures.

We are pleased to offer an array of advanced treatment methods to solve various health and cosmetic problems for our patients. Depending on your case, laser therapy might be the answer for your skin care needs. Of course, your journey to healthy, gorgeous skin can only begin when you contact our office!

Give us a call today at (954) 380-8411 or take advantage of our online contact form. We will set you up with an appointment that works best for you – no matter if you are coming to see us for a consultation or have to schedule a procedure.

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