Every Sunday from 9 am to 2 pm, the Las Olas Sunday Market in Fort Lauderdale offers a wide variety of locally-grown produce. With so many choices, the only trouble is trying to decide what delicious item you want! Decisions, decisions—they’re everywhere—even with breast augmentations. Not only do you have to choose a size and type of implant, but you need to make incisions decisions too! There are four main types of incisions. Here are the pros and cons of each to help you decide which approach is best for you:

Periareolar – this incision is made around the outer border of the areola. On the plus side: very low visibility of scars. The down side is a higher possibility of sensation loss and/or trouble with breastfeeding.

Transaxillary – made in the natural fold of the arm pit, this hides scarring, however has an increased risk of asymmetry.

Inframmary – this incision is placed in the natural fold or crease under the breast. Excellent for proper placement, but scars are more evident unless hidden by bra strap or bikini top.

TUBA – believe it or not, a cut is made on the rim of your belly button and the implant is guided through a tunnel of fatty tissue to the breast with an endoscope. This practically leaves no scars at all, however it is much trickier to get placement and asymmetry correct.

Let’s face it, making this decision is tougher than choosing what fresh veggies you want to buy for dinner! Luckily though, Dr. Lisa J. learn is happy to discuss each breast augmentation option with you to help determine which is best for your individual desires. You can set up a consultation by calling our office near Pompano Beach, FL at (954) 380-8411. We’ll help you make your incision decision and answer any questions you have!

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