In Florida, there’s no way around it—your legs are always on display! From bathing suits to shorts and sundresses, your thighs shout, “Look at me!” whether you like it or not.

The problem is, sometimes it feels like whatever you eat goes straight to your thighs. Well, you are not alone! Thighs are a common problem area, but trim legs don’t have to be just a dream. You can love your legs again with these toning tips:

Squat! If you have to bend down and pick something up, a squat will get you down there and work your legs while you’re at it. When you sit and stand up is another good time to throw in a squat. Incorporating this simple exercise throughout your day will go a long way toward combatting cottage cheese. You can even mix it up a bit by adding a jump, knee lift, or kick when you rise.

Be a Warrior. The warrior yoga poses work wonders on your legs. Hold your pose long enough and you can almost feel it fighting off the fat! Plenty of other yoga poses help to tone and strengthen too. Join a class or invest in a video and let the trimming begin.

Lunge it out. Need to get from one room to the next? Try lunging your way over. Sure you might look kind of funny, but no one will be laughing at your gorgeous gams.

Of course, sometimes diet and exercise just aren’t enough, and even if you lose weight, saggy skin is left behind. That’s when a thigh lift from Dr. Lisa J. Learn is a great option. This procedure removes excess skin and tightens underlying tissues. It is often done in combination with liposuction too, resulting in toned-looking, trim legs that you don’t mind showing off.

For more information, visit our Lauderdale Lakes, FL office, or call (954) 380-8411 today. Stop hating your thighs and love your legs again! Make an appointment with Dr. Lisa J. Learn today.

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