Need an excuse to indulge in another piece of pumpkin pie? Say you’re doing it for your skin! Cooked pumpkin boasts a bunch of beta-carotene which converts to Vitamin A—essential for skin cell renewal and a smoother, softer, wrinkle-free face! So go ahead and slice up some seconds, then check out this list of other food choices to incorporate into your diet for healthy skin:

Kale – chock full of vitamin K, Kale helps reduce puffiness, and its sulfur content wards off redness, flakiness, toxins, and even cancer.

Mangos – these boost your collagen production for smoother, more youthful looking skin. The carotenoids they contain improve skin tone as well.

Tomatoes – these have antioxidant properties that help protect your skin against wrinkle-causing ultraviolet rays.

Almonds – have vitamin E which helps to protect you from the aging sun as well!

Water – if your skin is dry, quench its thirst! Drinking plenty of water will help keep skin hydrated and supple.

Salmon – it’s not only delicious, but a great source of Omega 3 fatty acids which help produce elastin and collagen, two key components for a glowing, firm, and flawless complexion.

Avocados – another excellent source of “good fat” to add to your diet.

Red peppers – good for a high-dose of Vitamin C which helps with sagginess and puffiness too!

Blueberries — the antioxidants found in these keep your complexion clear and free of toxins.

Honey – it’s a natural humectant, which means it attracts and locks in moisture—perfect for parched skin! Try adding a spoonful to a cup of skin-friendly green tea.

Eggs –order up this source of vitamin A (great for skin repair and erasing wrinkles), biotin (boosts skin health), and lecithin (a softening emollient).

Oatmeal – fights flakes and eliminates itch!

Dark Chocolate —oh yeah!  This indulgence is full of antioxidants and can actually firm and protect skin. Sacrifice for your skin’s sake!

There are other great food choices out there too, but if eating your way to healthy skin isn’t for you, not to worry. Dr. Lisa J. Learn offers several procedures that can help give your skin the healthy glow of your youth. Browse our website and schedule a consultation to learn about laser skin resurfacing, chemical peels, facials, liposuction, and more. You can reach our Lauderdale Lakes office by calling (954) 380-8411 today.

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