Ah, the joys of motherhood—a time full of firsts. Your baby’s first bath, first giggle, first tooth, first steps—they’re all memorable moments to treasure. However, if you’re like most, the first time you try to put on your old wardrobe is something you’d rather forget. If your pre-baby body seems like a long-lost memory, don’t lose any more sleep than you already are! Check out these tips from Dr. Lisa J. Learn for a post pregnancy plot to get your figure back:

Breastfeed – Not only is breastfeeding great for your baby’s health, it is for yours too, since it burns an amazing amount of calories.

Watch what you eat – Now is the time to break away from cravings and make smart, healthy choices. You can do it!

Nap when your baby naps – This is key. Avoid the urge to get things done that have gone by the wayside. Getting your sleep is more important for your health.

Move – It is hard to motivate yourself to exercise when you’re exhausted, but the more you move, the better you’ll feel. Not only will it help you drop excess weight, but it will boost your energy too.

Once you get your doctor’s permission, start slowly by walking while pushing your stroller; then incorporate other moves like lunges, crunches, and squats into your routine. Find some activities you can do with your little one, or join a group of other new moms with whom you can exercise.

If despite these techniques you are still struggling to get your pre-baby body back, Dr. Lisa J. Learn offers procedures that can give you the extra help you need. A body lift can remove and tighten stretched and saggy skin, while a Mommy Makeover consists of a package of procedures including liposuction, a tummy tuck, breast lift, and more. Call (954) 380-8411 or visit us in Fort Lauderdale, FL to find out what might be best for you. Put your post pregnancy woes to rest. Contact us for more tips and help today!

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