Otoplasty (Ear Pinning)

Dumbo is a beloved Disney character—one we know very well here in Florida where Disneyworld resides. However, no one wants their child’s ears to stick out in such a way that they are teased about a resemblance to this famous flying elephant. Unfortunately, bullying is a challenge children and adults face, you can stop the bullying before it even begins with a procedure called otoplasty, otherwise known as ear pinning.

A Change in Contour and Confidence

This ear surgery procedure can be performed at any age once ears have completely developed and reached full-size—typically this occurs by age 5 or 6, just in time for school. By then, if one or both ears stick out, you or your child may become self-conscious and the object of ridicule. We all want to protect our children the best we can. An ear pinning procedure prior to entering school can correct the ear position, improve the ear’s size and shape, and most importantly, improve your child’s self-image. Even the most minor of corrections can make a major difference in self-esteem.

Beautiful Benefits

Whether you or your child were born with protruding or overly large ears, or an injury has left one or both misshapen or disfigured, ear surgery can balance the proportions of the face and ears, creating a more natural and pleasing look. You know what they say, too—if you look good, you feel good. That’s why we believe that the renewed sense of self-confidence after this procedure is the best benefit of all.

A Peek at the Otoplasty (Ear Pinning) Procedure

Under general or local anesthesia, an incision is made in the natural fold where the ear attaches to the head, thus the scar will not even be noticeable. The necessary cartilage and skin will be removed or trimmed and re-contoured to achieve the desired effect. The newly formed cartilage will then be “pinned” into place with permanent, internal sutures.

Dressings will remain over the ears to hold them in position for a week or two following ear surgery. There may be some mild discomfort, and side-sleepers will need to adjust to sleeping on their backs for at least a week so as not place any pressure on the area. There are minimal risks involved, and it is especially important to note that this procedure will not noticeably affect hearing.

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Dr. Lisa J. Learn can walk you through the process and help you to decide if ear pinning surgery is right for you or your child. We recommend setting up a consultation to review any questions you may have and calm any concerns. Whether you are interested in restoring your ear’s shape following an injury or you wish to correct protruding or overly large ears, ultimately saving your child from feeling socially self-conscious, ear surgery could be the answer. Find out more by looking through our website, liking us on Facebook, or visiting our Fort Lauderdale, FL office. You can call to make an appointment by dialing (954) 380-8411 today, or use the “schedule an appointment” button on our web pages.