Lower Facelift

When you look in the mirror or look back at photographs taken many years ago, do you have a habit of pinpointing all the ways your face has aged? It is one thing to record your age on paper when you are filling out paperwork, but it can feel like a whole other experience when you are forced to acknowledge the visible signs of aging that appear in one or more areas across your face. 

Aging is a natural process, but that does not mean that time is kind to your skin. Genetics, stress, diet, and sun exposure all play a role in how your skin looks right now. Perhaps you have developed a double chin or a deep crease between your nose and mouth, or maybe your jawline is nowhere near as defined as it was in your youth. These and other issues can make you feel depressed, self-conscious, and frustrated. And face it: that is no way to feel. 

Turning back time is not an option, but a facelift is! If you are tired of listening to that internal dialogue that is constantly critiquing and criticizing the bottom half of your face, a lower facelift is a fantastic option for those who do not want to continue to let time’s march and gravity’s pull negatively affect their appearance.

What is a Lower Facelift?

A lower facelift targets the bottom third of your face, focusing on your cheeks, chin, jawline, and neck, plus the area around your nose and mouth. This popular procedure counteracts facial aging by tightening and repositioning muscles, and then re-draping the skin over the newly shaped contours of your face. While you are under sedation, your surgeon will also spend time carefully removing, trimming, and sculpting excess fat. A lower facelift is less invasive than a full facelift, which is more comprehensive and time-consuming in regard to both the surgery and the recovery phase.

The lower facelift procedure can be combined with a neck lift. If you elect to undergo a neck lift alongside a lower facelift, your surgeon will remove, trim, or sculpt loose fat around your neck. Removing excess skin and fat around the neck and jawline area will enhance your appearance, especially if a double chin has made your neck look bigger and your profile less attractive.

Why a Lower Facelift Might be Right for You

A lower facelift is ideal for you if you have creases around your nose and mouth, a double chin, jowls, and droopy skin where it need not be droopy!

Once you are all healed, your lower facelift will give you a much happier and well-rested appearance. The results will be noticeable almost immediately. The ultimate goal of a lower facelift is to restore your youthful-looking appearance in the lower region of your face.

How a Lower Facelift Works

A lower facelift is a surgical procedure that involves making several discreet incisions near the ear or underneath your chin. Once this step is accomplished, the skin will be lifted and the excess fat will be appropriately addressed, which means that it will be removed, trimmed, and/or sculpted in order to produce the best and most natural-looking outcome for you.

One benefit of a lower facelift is that it goes beyond the skin by targeting the underlying muscles and deep tissues that have become too relaxed and droopy. Tightening and repositioning these areas contribute to the overall success of the procedure and the long-lasting results you desire.

The procedure culminates with the skin being pulled tightly and smoothed over. Any excess fat will be trimmed away, and before you know it, you will be entering the recovery phase.

What to Expect When Getting a Lower Facelift

If your skin has significantly lost its elasticity and Dr. Lisa J. Learn determines that you are a candidate for a lower facelift, you are bound to feel both nervous and excited about this procedure. The good news is that you will be in good hands; Dr. Learn has years of experience performing lower facelifts, and she wants to make you feel as comfortable and confident as possible in the days leading up to the procedure, during the procedure itself, and in the days/weeks to follow.

Here is what you can expect if you have scheduled a lower facelift with one of the most trusted and well-respected cosmetic surgeons in Florida!

Leading Up to the Procedure

In the days and weeks leading up to the procedure, it will be important to follow Dr. Learn’s instructions pre-operative instructions. You may be asked, for example, to stop taking certain medications before your surgery. If you need any clarifications concerning your detailed pre-operative instructions, please do not hesitate to call us at 954-380-8411.

On the night before your facelift, Dr. Learn may ask that you refrain from eating anything after midnight. On the morning of your procedure, we may kindly request that you wash your face and hair.

Do not forget to arrange for the help you will need after your surgery is complete. You will need someone to drive you home. Once you are home, having assistance around the house will give you the time you need to rest and recover.

If you have any questions or concerns before your procedure, please call Dr. Learn’s office so she and her team can help make certain that you are fully prepared.

The Procedure Itself

Dr. Learn performs surgical procedures in a clean, sterilized environment with assistance from her highly trained team of professionals. When you enter the room where your procedure will be performed, you will be administered anesthesia, which ensures that you will not feel anything when Dr. Learn gets to work.

If you have elected to get a neck lift and/or liposuction in combination with a lower facelift, your surgery will take a bit longer.

Throughout the duration of your surgery, Dr. Learn will be focused on prioritizing your health and safety and making your procedure a success so you can enjoy a firmer, smoother, and more contoured appearance.

Post-Procedure Care

When your lower facelift procedure is complete, Dr. Learn and her team will apply sterile bandages to cover the incision sites.

You will be sent home with post-operative instructions, and we welcome you to call us at any time if you have any questions or concerns in the following days or weeks.

It is normal to experience swelling, numbness, and bruising after a lower facelift and neck lift, especially in the first few days immediately following your surgery. These symptoms should go away within three to six weeks. Pain medications can alleviate pain, tenderness, and/or discomfort.

You will need to return to our office in approximately one week to have your sutures removed. During that appointment, we will evaluate your face to confirm that you are healing as expected.

Most patients who work outside of the home can expect to return to work within a week or two after their lower facelift procedure.

We know you will be anxious to show off the results of your lower facelift but keep in mind that the healing process is crucial so you do not run into any post-surgical complications. Following your care instructions closely will promote healing and get you back out into the public eye as soon as possible.

Happy woman after a lower facelift
Lady smiling happy with lower facelift

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Board-certified in plastic surgery and well-known for her expertise in this field, Dr. Learn invites you to peruse our online image gallery which demonstrates how she combines her medical skills with her artistic eye.

Our before and after gallery can be viewed here. We hope these photographs of our patients will make you feel empowered to get in touch with Dr. Learn at your earliest convenience so you can take the first step toward scheduling a lower facelift and perhaps even a neck lift, too!

Dr. Learn is proud of her work and her attention to detail. She consistently exceeds her patients’ expectations.

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They say that getting older makes you wiser, so why not make a wise decision and explore the facelift options that Dr. Learn offers? If a lower facelift sounds like a procedure that would be beneficial to you, we welcome the opportunity to help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

Aging can be difficult for many reasons, but if you want to age gracefully, embrace what makes you feel good. If plastic surgery could make you feel good about yourself, Dr. Learn would be honored to give you the confidence boost you need—and deserve.

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During your consultation, Dr. Learn will review your medical history and inquire about any previous plastic surgeries you may have undergone. Dr. Learn will also conduct a facial exam and initiate a conversation about what goals and expectations you have for the surgery.

When you are ready to discuss a lower facelift in more detail, please request a consultation by calling 954-380-8411 or by visiting us online.

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