Did you forget your sunglasses again? No wonder you have crow’s feet around your eyes! Squinting into the Florida sun can cause fine lines on your face, and when you’re out enjoying the shore and the surf on a regular basis, the wind and the sun’s rays can really do a number on your skin.  Age doesn’t help much, and neither does genetics. So what’s a girl or guy to do? Fight back! Instead of worrying about wrinkles, do something about them instead. Check out the wide variety of skin surgeries that Dr. Lisa J. Learn offers.

Chemical peels, for instance, can refresh your face, while Botox® can get rid of worry creases and laugh lines (which are really not all that funny).  Arm, thigh, and body lifts are procedures that can remove unwanted saggy skin. Big gut? Gone. Flab? Forget about it! When excess skin is pulled tight, wrinkles disappear just like that. If being in the sun has caused damage, a relaxing facial can restore and replenish your skin.

From face lifts, to neck lifts, to liposuction, and more, Dr. Lisa J. Learn can help you improve the tone, texture, and appearance of your skin. Get back to your healthy, youthful look again by calling (954) 380-8411 today. You can also visit us online or learn more about skin surgeries at our Lauderdale Lakes, FL office. Oh, and try to remember your sunglasses next time! Having crow’s feet is for the birds!

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