If you missed Fort Lauderdale’s “Dancing with the Stars” this year, don’t worry—the popular charity event will be back, and this year’s dancers will be next year’s judges. Best of all, proceeds go to the Pantry of Broward to help provide meals and assistance to our elderly neighbors on fixed incomes. Of course, the event is not only a great help to others, it’s a fabulous way to keep your gams looking gorgeous too! Dr. Lisa J. Learn has been both a dancer and a judge and knows firsthand that dancer’s legs have no choice but to be toned!

The trick is to choose a dance style you really enjoy. Maybe you like salsa dancing or want to join the Zumba craze. Have you always wanted to take ballet lessons? Perhaps you’re into Jazz dance. No matter what you choose, all that moving will do wonders for your legs, and all of your lower body muscles for that matter. Just think, you can tone your hips and buns while you’re at it—what a bonus! If you don’t feel like you’re ready to just jump right in, though, try this exercise to gain some strength first:

While standing straight, extend your right leg in front of you. Now bend it at the knee as you bring it back and extend it behind you without touching the floor, then switch. Too difficult? You can simply use a chair for balance as you improve your strength.

Of course, if dancing your way to toned legs isn’t working for you, we can discuss other options like a thigh lift procedure or liposuction, which can eliminate excess fat and saggy skin to give you the look you want. Find out more by contacting Dr. Lisa J. Learn near Pompano Beach, FL at (954) 380-8411.

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