If you’ve ever been to a Miami Marlins game, you’ve probably asked, “What inning is it?” “How many outs are there?” “What’s the score?’” or maybe even “How much for the hot dog?” After all, asking questions is the best way to gather needed information, which is great for knowing when to show up for a game, and especially important before making a life-changing decision like getting plastic surgery. Knowing what plastic surgery questions to ask is essential to feeling comfortable with your choice, so check out this list Dr. Lisa J. Learn suggests everyone considering a cosmetic procedure should inquire about.

First, ask yourself a few things:

  • Why do I want plastic surgery? (The answer should never be to please anyone other than yourself.)
  • What are my expectations? Are they realistic?
  • Have I tried all other alternative approaches?
  • How will surgery help me?

If you have trouble answering these for yourself, schedule a consultation to discuss them with your surgeon, and be sure to arm yourself with a prepared list of additional questions about the procedure:

Common plastic surgery questions include:

  • What are the risks and possible complications?
  • What are my procedural options?
  • How long does the surgery take?
  • What can I expect from recovery?
  • Am I a good candidate?

Once you’ve gathered your answers, you can make an educated decision that will allow you to feel comfortable and confident. Kind of like knowing you have plenty of time to get to the park for the opening pitch!

For more tips or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Lisa J. Learn, call (954) 380-8411, visit us online, or stop by our office near Sunrise, FL. We are happy to answer any questions you have.

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