Considering Post Weight Loss Surgery

by | Aug 28, 2017

It’s never too late to lose weight, get fit, and love your body! We’ve cheered on countless friends, clients, and family members to achieve their weight loss goals, regain their energy and confidence, and enjoy life in a thinner, healthier frame.

Unfortunately, when you lose a lot of weight, your skin doesn’t always get the memo. This is true whether your weight loss was all from lifestyle changes like diet and exercise, or whether you underwent a medical procedure such as liposuction.

The problem is the elasticity of skin—or lack thereof. When you lose weight, your skin will shrink with you, to a degree. But like a balloon that’s been repeatedly stretched or a waistband on an old pair of sweats, it might not be as tight as it was before. The heavier you were, the older you are, and greater the amount of time you spent obese, the less likely your skin is to spring back to its former tightness.

Saggy, loose skin can be frustrating, even devastating for people who have put so much work into losing weight—only to be dissatisfied with their bodies even at their ideal weight. Flabby skin can bear painful reminders and associations of an unhappy time in life. It may even increase the likelihood of rashes and other medical problems due to trapped moisture.

If you’ve lost a lot of weight and want your skin to catch up with the more toned, sculpted, and healthy look of the rest of your body, you might consider a post-weight-loss procedure. Tummy tucks, neck lifts, breast lifts, and other cosmetic procedures can tighten and contour areas of loose skin. Incisions are made in locations that are as out-of-the-way as possible, where scarring is minimal and often covered by different styles of clothes.

Generally speaking, before performing any kind of lift or skin tightening after significant weight loss, we’d prefer that you keep the weight off for at least six months. A little bit of weight gain is normal after such a drastic change in body size and shape, and it’s best to be sure that the skin lifts only after a new “normal” size is firmly established. It’s also wise to space out the procedures; this reduces your risk of complications, plus ensures that you aren’t dealing with swelling, pain, and recovery in multiple places at once.

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