Are You the Right Fit for a Mommy Makeover? [We Have the Answer!]

May 21, 2018

We know—you wouldn’t trade that bundle of joy for anything in the whole wide world, no matter what you look like. Children are a miracle and blessing!

But as any parent knows, these blessings also come with some sacrifices.

Many new mothers especially struggle with the changes their bodies undergo because of pregnancy. Of course, some of these changes are only temporary. But in other ways, even having one child can permanently reconfigure your curves in ways that may be difficult to accept:

  • Pudginess around the abdomen (even if you return to your goal weight and body fat percentage, weakened abdominal muscles may not be able to “hold in” fat around your midsection)
  • Sagging skin on the stomach
  • Sagging breasts from breastfeeding
  • Stretch marks

Although maintaining a good diet and exercising regularly can be a big help, most of these cosmetic issues cannot be fully corrected without a surgical procedure.

You may experience a real sense of loss over the pre-pregnancy shape and figure you once had. Somehow, the person in the mirror doesn’t quite seem like the real you. It’s not vain or selfish to feel this way. It’s very, very normal.

If the situation we describe sounds all-too familiar to you, you might be a candidate for what we call a “mommy makeover.”

What is a Mommy Makeover?

You can read our service page on the topic for more information if you wish, but essentially a mommy makeover is a package of cosmetic procedures designed to give you back your toned, youthful, pre-pregnancy shape after childbirth—all included in a single surgical session.

The exact procedures included in a mommy makeover can vary. This is because can affect difference women’s bodies differently—and because each mother has her own specific feelings and priorities about which parts of her body are most important to reshape.

The most common procedures target the abdomen (liposuction, tummy tuck) and breasts (augmentation, lift). Other packages might include a labiaplasty, varicose vein removal, stretch mark removal, skin treatments, etc.

Is a Mommy Makeover Right for Me?

There are many considerations that go into determining whether a mommy makeover is right for you. Here are some additional things to think about.

Are You Done Having Children?

Some people mistakenly believe that you can’t have kids after getting a mommy makeover, or that it will make future pregnancies more dangerous. This isn’t true! It should have no effect whatsoever on the safety and health of mother or child (though certain breast lift procedures may make it harder to nurse later children).

However, having another child after your procedure will probably undo a lot of the work that was previously performed, particularly any tummy tuck or abdominal muscle repair. This would mean you’d need to repeat most of the surgeries if you want to restore your shape.

So, this is definitely something you do have to take into consideration. We know—in life, priorities do change (and happy accidents can occur!). If you later decide you want more kids, that’s okay!

However, in general, most women tend to wait until they’re pretty sure they’re done having kids before getting the surgeries.

Have You Given Your Body Enough Time to Heal and Recover?

Both pregnancy and childbirth can be physically traumatic for a mother’s body. A lot of stretching and tearing takes place, and you need time to heal.

Typically, you should wait a minimum of at least six months after your delivery before seriously considering surgery. On top of that, you’ll need to be completely done with breastfeeding and/or pumping if you want any work done on your breasts.

Are You in Good Physical Health?

Cosmetic surgery—whether part of a mommy makeover or otherwise—should never be considered as an alternative to, or substitute for, taking care of your body through diet and exercise. It is not an “either/or” situation. It is a “yes, and” situation.

First of all, if you’re living a healthy life and taking care of yourself, your surgeon can get a better idea of what cosmetic flaws can still be improved through lifestyle choices, and which cosmetic flaws truly need surgical assistance to achieve the results you’re looking for.

Second, it proves to us that you’re committed to taking care of yourself. Which means that you’re much likelier to be happy with your results, and more likely to maintain your figure post-surgery. Remember that your physical appearance will only hold up over time if you treat it right; getting cosmetic surgery does not change this essential fact.

Finally, the healthier you are, the less likely you are to develop complications from surgery and the faster your recovery will be. The top priority with any procedure is your health and safety.

Are You in Good Emotional Health?

The best candidates for a mommy makeover are mothers who are emotionally stable, of sound mind, and ideally have the support of at least one important loved one. (This, unfortunately, you have little control over, but it’s still something worth taking into consideration.)

Pregnancy and motherhood can be highly stressful and taxing. Some women (perhaps as many as 1 in 6 mothers) suffer the effects of postpartum depression due to hormonal changes, sleep deprivation, and other factors. In other cases, unfortunately, relationships with family members can become fractured or strained.

A mommy makeover will not be a magical cure-all for these types of issues. If you expect that it will be, you are going to be disappointed. It’s about regaining your self-confidence and feeling happy and comfortable in your own skin.

Are You Prepared for Recovery?

It will take some time for your body to recover and feel normal again after a mommy makeover, especially when multiple surgeries in different areas are involved.

For the first few days, you’ll probably feel exhausted and be dealing with some residual pain and swelling. You’ll have to take things very slowly—a lot of sleep and rest, and no activity that would elevate your heart rate. Walk to the kitchen or bathroom, sure. But not much more than that.

It’ll probably be a week or so before you can return to even light activity (e.g., walking around the block), and roughly six weeks (give or take) before you’re cleared for full, strenuous pre-surgery levels of activity.

For a mom with a couple of young kiddos running around? That ain’t easy! Very likely, unless your children are all older, you are going to need some help from family and friends, especially in the first couple of weeks. Making sure they are available and willing to assist is strongly recommended before we schedule the surgery.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

While a mommy makeover may not be for everyone, it can be an empowering and confidence-boosting procedure that can restore your pre-pregnancy shape and allow your inner beauty to shine through!

If you’re strongly considering this procedure, think you’re ready, and would like to hear more, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Lisa Learn today. Virtual consultations are also available for those who cannot make it to our office in Fort Lauderdale. Give us a call at (954) 380-8411.

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