Putting up the tree, stringing lights, bending over to wrap presents, shopping ‘til dropping—all those holiday activities you just went through can really take a toll on your back. You know what else can be behind your back pain? Those big breasts of yours! That’s right, if you have large breasts, they could very well be to blame for your troubles. Their disproportionate size could be pulling you forward, tugging on your back muscles and even compressing the nerves there.

Finding a comfortable bra when you’re big-breasted can prove a pretty daunting task, too. Straps that dig into your skin are even less fun then putting all those decorations away and standing in big long “return” lines. So what are the well-endowed to do? Two magic words: Breast reduction.

A breast reduction procedure removes excess fat and skin, reducing and lifting your breasts to lighten your load. Their new size and position will actually improve your posture, and in return, do wonders for your aching back! You’ll have a more proportioned look, too, and very likely a much more comfortable bra. Even just moving around will be easier, and imagine the clothes shopping you could do to fit your new figure—no holds barred! Just think of all the stuff you wished you could wear but never could before. You’ll feel great and look great, and isn’t that what it’s all about?

If your large breasts are causing you discomfort, you don’t have to suffer anymore! Call Dr. Lisa J. Learn for an appointment or consultation by dialing (954) 380-8411. Relief is just a phone call away (along with a cute new wardrobe)!

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