Breast Cancer: Real Men Wear Pink Too

by | Mar 17, 2016

If you’ve ever seen a Race for the Cure event, you know that pink is worn by crowds of women who have survived breast cancer or are courageously fighting it. They come together in support and wear their pink with pride…but have you ever noticed there are seldom any men in the crowd? Maybe some spectators or supportive loved ones—but what about male survivors and fighters, just like the women around them?

It’s rare, yes, but breast cancer in men does occur. Because the condition is so predominately found in women, however, many men dismiss signs of the disease, not realizing they too can be victims. After all, they don’t think of themselves as having breasts, thus aren’t aware that they are at risk. As a result, they tend to ignore signs and dangerously prolong diagnosis and treatment.

The fact is, men have breast tissue just as women do. They can also inherit genes that place them at a greater risk. Yes, it is much more common in women, but men can absolutely find themselves thrown into a world of pink, and because there are so few males diagnosed with breast cancer, they often feel confused, self-conscious, and alone. Dr. Lisa J. Learn understands this, and can provide the support and help you need.

Typically, with cases of breast cancer in men, tumors are most commonly found directly behind the nipple.  A mastectomy is often the only option to surgically remove the cancer, followed by chemotherapy and radiation, similar to treatments women undergo. The one difference, however, is that many women opt for reconstructive surgery, while most men have no idea it is even an option.

Nipple reconstructive surgery can not only restore the physical appearance of the male breast, it can in turn restore confidence and self-esteem. Men can take off their shirts on a hot day, walk the beach or work out without feeling uncomfortable with how they look.

If you are a man who has received a diagnosis of breast cancer, you may feel alone, but we assure you that you are not. Dr. Lisa J. Learn can help you through your journey and with nipple reconstruction surgery, get you back to feeling good, both inside and out.

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PS: Every woman loves a man in pink!

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