Thigh Lift

When it comes to problem areas on our bodies, thighs are usually at (or at least very close to) the top of the list. A lot of times it’s where women carry their weight, and even if you lose pounds, saggy skin is often left behind.

Sometimes exercise and diet just aren’t enough, and we end up trying to cover up the problem, since we can’t make it go away.

Thighs are hard to hide, though.

And if fitness and other weight loss efforts are not helping you accomplish your goals to have firmer upper legs—which can make you look younger and contribute to an attractive, proportionate body—you might want to consider a surgical thigh lift.

A Better Way to Slimmer Thighs

Thigh lift procedures can slim the inner and outer thighs (along with areas around hips and knees), thereby improving your body contour.

Dr. Lisa J. Learn’s patients want this procedure for a couple of different reasons. For some women, the natural aging process has taken away elasticity from the skin around the leg. Others have undergone tremendous weight loss, but still have areas of fat deposits that are left behind.

No matter the root cause, Dr. Learn offers the right procedures to help you get rid of loose and saggy skin and return the toned-looking contours of your younger days.

The Thigh Lift Procedure

During a thigh lift, an incision, located below the bikini line to remain inconspicuous and conceal the scar, is made in the upper inner thigh, and excess skin and fat are removed. The length of the incision depends on the amount of excess skin to be removed.

The skin is then pulled tight and drawn together to create a smooth appearance. Drains are temporarily inserted at the incision site for proper healing. Deep sutures and compression garments are used to reduce the tendency of the skin to fall down and ensure a quick healing process.

Typically, liposuction is also used to remove any stubborn pockets of excess fat in the thighs and legs.

Liposuction alone can remove excess fat deposits where skin has good elasticity and is able to naturally conform to the new body contours. In cases where skin elasticity is poor, a combination of liposuction and thigh lift techniques may be recommended.

A thigh lift can be performed on an outpatient basis under general anesthesia in two to four hours. However, in some instances, your surgeon may recommend that you stay overnight.

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Recovery and Results

As is the case with various surgeries, it’s typical to have a certain degree of bruising, swelling, and even a little numbness after the procedure. Usually, this disappears anywhere from several weeks to several months.

You may have bandages and will possibly need to wear a compression garment to minimize swelling and provide added support to your new contours during the healing process. Draining tubes are a possibility as well, but not to worry—we will provide detailed care instructions.

In most cases, you can return to low-level activities in about two to three weeks, and your normal, active routine in approximately four to six weeks. Full recovery can take up to one year, although such a lengthy period tends to be rare.

You will be able to see the results of your thigh lift almost immediately. That said, it might take up to several months for the final results to fully develop. Also, you should be aware there will likely be some visible scarring (but Dr. Learn takes every measure to keep them as minimal as possible).

The overall results are long-lasting, provided that you maintain a stable weight through healthy eating and regular exercise.

Please keep in mind that your body will lose some firmness as you age, which is completely natural. Even with that being the case, most of your initial improvement should be relatively permanent.

Take the Next Step—Have Dr. Lisa Learn Help You Today!

With a thigh lift you can stop trying to hide your thighs and start flaunting them instead. To find out more, make an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Lisa J. Learn.

We welcome the opportunity to get to know you, answer your questions and explain everything we can to ensure that you are comfortable and confident before deciding on the procedure.

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