Mommy Makeover

The miracle of childbirth is something to behold, but you might have a hard time looking at your post-baby body. Having a child can really affect your figure. Pregnancy can leave stretch marks and excess fat on your abdomen, while breastfeeding can make your once perky breasts sag. Plus, it’s hard to squeeze in a workout between feedings! It might seem like it will take another miracle to regain your youthful shape, but Dr. Lisa J. Learn has just what you need—a cosmetic surgery package appropriately called the mommy makeover.

Bundle of Joy

Let’s face it, as wonderful as it is to have a baby, you may need help getting your body back in shape afterwards. The mommy makeover is specifically designed to address all of the problem areas that new mothers face. A variety of services are “bundled” together to help get you back to the slender, toned body you had before your little one came along. This collection of procedures includes breast augmentation or reduction, a breast lift, a tummy tuck, and liposuction. It’s a package deal you won’t want to pass up!

Pre-Baby Breasts

Sometimes motherhood can have an adverse effect on your breasts. Change in size or shape and droopiness can be less than flattering. If you seem to have shrunk (Mother Nature’s idea of a cruel joke!), a breast augmentation can restore volume and fullness. You can choose either silicone gel or saline-filled implants. Dr. Lisa J. Learn will be happy to explain the differences and help you decide what’s best for you. If you are having the opposite problem, and your breasts have become so large that they are uncomfortable and hard to keep in control, you can opt for a breast reduction instead. This procedure removes excess fat and tissue, restoring you to a more comfy and manageable size.

Not feeling so perky? You could use a lift! With a breast lift, or mastoplexy, saggy breasts can be returned to their youthful position whether or not you have implants.

Tummy Time

During pregnancy, your tummy is stretched to capacity and afterwards that stretched out skin and flab can be left sagging. You may have heard of this being referred to as a mother’s apron. Well, we’re here to free you from this particular fashion faux pau! A tummy tuck will take care of it by removing excess skin (with all of its stretch marks!) and tightening your ab muscles for the flat belly you almost forgot you once had.

Bye-Bye Baby Fat

You’ve tried sit-ups and have had your share of Brussel sprouts, but sometimes diet and exercise just doesn’t cut it. Liposuction can remove stubborn fat from the abdomen, buttocks, hips, waist, and thighs, sculpting your body back to its pre-pregnancy silhouette.

If you are interested in the mommy makeover cosmetic surgery package, or are considering other possible procedures, call Dr. Lisa J. Learn at (954)380-8411 today! Visit us online or get your little one ready for a ride and head on over to our Fort Lauderdale, FL office soon.

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