In spite of our best efforts, many of us still struggle with excess weight or fat deposits in areas that take away from a natural, attractive body shape. Given the fact you’re human, there’s a good chance you can relate to the frustration that comes from exercising on a regular basis and eating a healthy diet—and then not seeing the results you expect to see.

If that describes your situation, you need to know this:

You are not alone!

You should also know that Dr. Lisa J. Learn offers a solution that is consistently proven to take away that frustration—liposuction.

If you want to be confident and feel happy about your body again, this procedure could be exactly what you need.

Why Liposuction Could be Right for You

As we reach adulthood, our bodies have a propensity to start accumulating fat. There are various reasons this can happen, such as slowing metabolism, less-than-healthy dietary choices, and/or weight gained during pregnancy.

No matter the root cause of the problem, the simple fact is that you want to look your best and feel comfortable when you’re out on the town. That’s perfectly normal—as is taking measures to achieve those objectives.

When exercise and diet are insufficient in eliminating excess fat—or perhaps you simply need a little “course correction” so you can actually reach your body goals—it’s time for a new approach.

By using liposuction, Dr. Learn can reshape and slim problem areas on your body like thighs, hips, buttocks, abdomen, upper arms, or any place else where extra weight is weighing you down.

How Liposuction Works

The procedure itself starts with a couple of small, inconspicuous incisions in the area to be treated. A thin, hollow tube is inserted into a strategically-chosen location and moved in a controlled, back-and-forth motion to loosen the excess fatty tissue.

As the fat becomes dislodged, it’s then suctioned out through the tube by either an attached surgical vacuum or syringe.

There are different procedures (including tumescent and ultrasound-assisted) Dr. Learn might use, but they all deliver the same overall result—a sculpted body you feel comfortable in.

The Results You Hope to See

Following the procedure, you will likely experience at least a certain degree of swelling and fluid retention at first. To help keep the swelling to a minimum, you should expect to wear a compression garment or elastic bandage for a certain period.

The swelling is actually normal, but it will subside and you’ll be able to see your renewed contours shortly thereafter.

Sometimes, we may need to perform some temporary draining to remove excess fluid and address swelling (if it’s a problem). We will discuss possible situations like this during our consultation so you can have an idea as to what can possibly happen and what you should expect.

The recovery period will depend on an array of factors, but the key to the fastest possible recovery is to adhere to Dr. Learn’s specific postoperative instruction. These include matters like how to care for surgical sites, information about medication, and other such considerations.

Not a Magic Pill

When you are considering liposuction, you need to keep in mind this is not a “cure-all” solution for obesity. Further, it’s not a replacement for regular exercise and healthy eating.

In fact, if you want to keep the results, you must maintain a healthy lifestyle. This includes a proper fitness routine and weight management activities.

Unfortunately, liposuction is not an effective treatment for the dimpled effects that come from cellulite and saggy or loose skin. Such issues can be considered surface problems that would need to be addressed separately.

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