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If you’ve lost a substantial amount of weight, good for you! Unfortunately, though, all that hard work can leave you with an excess amount of skin, especially around your abdomen, lower back, and thighs. A body lift can redefine your contours by removing sagging skin and tightening underlying tissues. When diet and exercise has made your body shrink, but not your skin, this procedure can ensure your hard work shows—in and out of your clothes!

Stop That Sagging!

Although a body lift is most commonly performed on those who have experienced a dramatic weight loss, anyone who is unhappy with an excess amount of skin and fat can opt for the procedure as well. Pregnancy, genetics, aging, and even a love for the sun can contribute to decreased tissue elasticity, making skin sag, sometimes resulting in restricted mobility and painful chafing and rashes. This procedure, coupled with liposuction, can remove the skin and fat and stop it from sabotaging your silhouette. It can even improve the dimpling effect of cellulite, as well as your quality of life.

No More Carrying Around Extra Baggage

By undergoing this procedure to remove excess skin and fat, you can improve the overall appearance of your body, including:

Abdomen—flatten that spare tire, in the front and around the sides, for a trimmer looking tummy.

Buttocks—sculpt your backside to look good coming and going!

Groin—shrink the sag for a better bikini bod.

Thighs—whether you need help with the inner, outer, or all the way around, regain the toned thighs of your youth.

Lower back—if you hate that your love handles have shifted around back, show ‘em some tough love.

Slim Lines Take Some Time

A complete body lift offers the advantage of taking care of all of these problem areas at one time. However, you can choose to combine any or all procedures depending on your preferences. Liposuction is often a beneficial addition to achieve the best possible smoothing and contouring effect. Incisions are strategically placed to be hidden discreetly along bikini lines so scars will be inconspicuous.

The surgery is done under general anesthesia and typically takes several hours to complete. Sometimes it is done in stages depending on the procedures chosen. Excess skin and fat is removed while underlying supportive tissues are lifted and pulled tight.

Be Patient during Recovery

There will be some swelling and bruising for several weeks and you can expect some pain. Medication can help with this. While you heal, you may have to wear special compression bandages. It is possible that you may also have a drainage tube—you will be given instructions on proper care and use. It is important to follow these instructions and all others to ensure a successful recovery.

Discomfort should dissipate after a week or two. Follow up visits are important to monitor your healing process. After a couple of weeks, sutures will be removed. You should limit activity for several weeks, and avoid strenuous exercise for at least a month. Your repositioned tissues will not be fully settled into their final position and appearance for a few months. Recovery is a long process, but your contoured body and improved self-esteem will be worth it!

For more information on body lifts, just ask! Contact Dr. Lisa J. Learn at (954) 380-8411 or visit our Fort Lauderdale, FL location. We’ll be happy to have a consultation with you and answer any questions or concerns. To get the slim silhouette of your dreams, give us a call soon!

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