Tummy Tuck Photos

This patient is a 32 year old female who was having trouble losing the weight from her stomach after 3 pregnancies over the past 10 years.

She came to see Dr. Learn for a tummy tuck. After discussing her options with Dr. Learn she decided that a mini tummy tuck was the best choice for her.

She was ecstatic with her results!



This patient is 54 year old female who had been concerned with her belly fat ever since she was a young child.

She came to see Dr. Learn and decided that a full abdominoplasty along with liposuction of her hips and upper back was the best fit for her.

She was thrilled with her results!



This patient is a 47 year old female who came to Dr. Learn experiencing back pain, lower abdominal pain, and lower stomach numbness all related to the weight of her stomach.

Our patient tried to work on her diet to help with her problem but nothing had worked. Dr. Learn performed a tummy tuck and hip and back liposuction on this patient and she was delighted with her results.



This patient is a 32 year old male who began to develop excess skin on his stomach after losing 60 lbs.

Our patient came to see Dr. Learn to help him get rid of the excess skin and decided that an abdominoplasty with some additional liposuction on the hips was the best option for him.

After receiving his surgery our patient was thrilled with his results!



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