Laser Skin Tightening & Resurfacing

Your skin can take a real beating on a daily basis from so many external factors. The sun alone can wreak havoc on your skin’s appearance and health. If that isn’t enough, you also have time taking its own toll on your dermal tissues.

Sun damage, aging, acne, and other factors contribute to keeping you from having the smooth, soft skin you want to have, but the good news is that you can do something about this!

Dr. Lisa J. Learn offers a couple of different laser procedures that can give you a healthier, youthful-looking appearance:

Laser skin tightening and laser skin resurfacing.

These noninvasive procedures are your keys to reducing fine lines and wrinkles, improving scars, discoloration, and blemishes, and regaining lost elasticity.

See for yourself why an appointment with Dr. Learn could be exactly what you need to have the skin you want!

Why choose laser skin tightening?

There are many significant benefits from using laser technology to tighten your skin, such as:

  • It’s fast and convenient. An appointment for laser skin tightening with our Profound laser system typically lasts less than one hour, and you only need a single session.
  • It’s minimally invasive. Since incisions and stitches aren’t necessary, the risk for complications is extremely low.
  • There’s no pain. Only local anesthesia is needed (no general), which means you are awake and comfortable during your procedure—and on your drive home afterward.
  • Improvements are seen quickly. The majority of patients who choose laser skin tightening see an obvious difference within just a couple of weeks of their appointment.
  • Results are long-lasting. Your body increases collagen and elastin production for a long time after treatment. Typically, maximum results are seen around the 6-month mark, but improved skin appearance can last for several years. (Naturally, this will vary based on factors such as lifestyle, health, age, etc.)
  • There’s virtually no downtime. You can drive home after your procedure, which isn’t the case for every procedure we offer. Beyond that, you will likely be able to return to normal activities (including work) almost immediately. In cases where swelling and bruising are present, these tend to be minor concerns and only last for a couple of days (usually 3-5), and not weeks.

How does the Profound laser work?

To understand how this technology works, let’s start by looking at what happens to your skin as you age:

Over time, our skin gradually loses its ability to produce new elastin and collagen—the proteins used to keep skin elastic, flexible, and youthful.

In addition to not being able to produce these proteins, our bodies start to break down existing supplies of elastin and collagen.

This all typically starts happening in the mid-20’s. By around age 30, collagen levels are around only 75% of peak levels. At age 50, that number is down to 50%. And it further decreases to roughly 25% by age 70.

Without its elasticity, skin starts to sag and droop. Wrinkles and jowls form. You lose definition on your jawline.

Of course, factors like smoking, diet, and sun exposure can make this breakdown happen faster. But you can’t stop it.

The Profound laser is clinically proven to kickstart production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid, tightening your skin and creating a more youthful appearance. When the body stops producing the proteins on its own, Profound picks up the slack.

How does it do this?

Basically, the laser generates a specific, temperature-controlled radiofrequency (RF) energy that is used to heat lower layers of your skin—the dermis and subcutaneous layers—to a precise temperature of 67 degrees Celsius.

Why is that particular temperature important? Because it’s the optimal temperature for stimulating collagen and elastin production and creating dermal volume. (On top of that, it also remodels adipose tissue in the subcutaneous layer.)

In other words:

Profound helps your body recreate the basic building blocks it needs to make tighter, more youthful-looking skin.

The advanced, computer-controlled system is extremely safe, and a silicone coating on the needles further protects your top layers of skin from any thermal damage.

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What Conditions Can Laser Skin Tightening Treat?

This technology is an effective tool to improve facial contouring and reduces or eliminates the appearance of conditions such as:

  • Wrinkles
  • Fine lines
  • Jowls
  • Double chins
  • Poor jawline definition
  • Sagging skin
  • Excess fat
  • Turkey neck

Why choose laser skin resurfacing?

Along with skin tightening courtesy of the Profound laser, you can also benefit from Dr. Learn’s Claro2 laser resurfacing.

In this case, Dr. Learn uses a laser that features short bursts of concentrated light to remove layers of damaged skin.

During the procedure, the laser beam passes over your skin and gently vaporizes the outer layer (your epidermis), while also heating up lower layers (dermis). In doing so, the Claro2 stimulates the growth of new cells and boosts collagen production.

So what does this mean for you?

You will start to see new, healthy skin as the treated area heals!

And speaking of the treated area, this laser has a precise calibration, which allows Dr. Learn to focus only on specific parts. (Any surrounding tissue that doesn’t need to be treated is unaffected.)

This noninvasive, advanced laser treatment can be used for numerous skin conditions and issues, like wrinkles, liver spots, birthmarks, and sun damage. It also can work to remove scars you may have that were caused by acne or chickenpox in your past.

Along with treating problems, laser resurfacing can improve skin tone and enlarge oil glands (which provide you with a fresh, radiant complexion that’s both smooth and beautiful).

What Does the Laser Resurfacing Process & Recovery Entail?

Typically, laser skin resurfacing takes around half an hour, depending on how many areas you are having Dr. Learn treat for you.

As an example, you can improve the skin around your lips or eyes—or perhaps even the entire general appearance of your face—in that timeframe.

The Claro2 laser—the most innovative technology possible for these kinds of procedures—that Dr. Learn uses provides your results in a comfortable manner (with little or no anesthetic necessary) and with virtually no downtime following the procedure.

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As can reasonably be expected, treated areas of your skin will be covered and protected with bandages. Once 24 hours have passed following your procedure, you will need to start a regimen of cleaning treated tissue four to five times daily. In doing so, you will also apply petroleum jelly (to minimize any potential scabbing).

For more details about post-procedure instructions, we have a couple of guides for you:

If you experience swelling, propping your head up on an extra pillow can help, along with ice and medication.

You might also notice a slight itching or stinging sensation, and after about a week, your skin may become dry and start to peel. Although there can be a slight degree of discomfort and redness, you can return to your normal activities at any time.

The healing process takes a few weeks, and any redness will gradually fade in two to three months.

It is important to protect your skin during healing—use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher. Stay out of the sun between 10:00 am and 2:00 p.m., and when you are out, wear long-sleeved shirts and a wide-brimmed hat. Also, be sure to keep your new, rejuvenated skin moisturized.

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What are your next steps?

If wrinkles, sagging skin, and other problems have you longing for a more contoured, youthful-looking face, laser treatment might be right for you.

During your consultation, Dr. Lisa Learn will discuss the particulars of each potential procedure (Profound, fillers, laser skin resurfacing, surgical facelift, etc.) in detail and address realistic expectations for each. We want to make absolutely sure you’re comfortable with your procedure and get results you’re happy with!

If you have any questions or would like information about laser skin tightening and/or resurfacing—or to request a consultation with Dr. Learn to see if you’re a candidate for these procedures—call (954) 380-8411, stop by our office (during normal business hours), or contact us online today.

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